Wednesday, August 2, 2006


OK, now I'm feeling soooooooooo excited!!!!
I found this perfect choir voices of Bengawan Solo. At first I thought, 'nah, this wouldn't fit' because it was sang in group (I think it's a Singaporean choir group) but you know what, I WAS SOOOOO WRONG!!
Now I'm listening to it, it gives me a real goosebumps, meaning that this one is veryX10 great!!!
Now I'm telling ya, find a big headspeaker and listen!! It is sooo cool (oh my God, I never thought I would love this song this way)
Yup, Abang Najib was right. It's a good song.

Just click here!!!
to save: right click, and 'Save Target As' You can also do that to Edelwiess.

Bengawan Solo is the name of the longest river at Java. Written in 1940 by Gesang Martohartono, it is a keroncong style song with Portuguese influence. This song is actually very popular in ASIA (can you believe that, how couldn't I know??!!).


bengawan solo, riwayatmu ini
sedari dulu jadi perhatian insani
musim kemarau, tak seberapa airmu
di musim hujan air meluap* sampai jauh ...
mata airmu dari solo
terkurung gunung seribu
air mengalir sampai jauh
akhirnya ke laut ...
itu perahu, riwayatmu dulu
kaum pedagang s'lalu naik itu perahu

*in the choir you hear them say' mengalir' instead of 'meluap'. I think they also change some other word, which is (for me) isn't good 0_o
However, it's still beautiful =)


Ok people, since I'm using this Library PC now I couldn't save the target (the mp3 file) because it doesn't allow me to do that. However, if all of you have problems to download just tell me, but I think you guys can always listen to it by just one click (and I don't understand the broken link thingy T_T).
And if you really want the song, email me at or and I'll send the file to you. So don't worry, be happy.

Thank you for your concern =)

-azUwachan @ 4.15 p.m-


I manage to download it!!!! huhaa...I'll try to upload via other file host...maybe some others cannot d/load it via RipWay...

ah at last, I could find this post once again. You have few [url=]useful tips[/url] for my school project. This time, I won't forget to bookmark it. :)

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