Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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Salam to all members of ‘gigil orchestra’…….

As we’ve planned, we continued the recording session with Cikgu Ku Zahir. But the number of members joining the recording was a bit small compared to the previous week. On Saturday, supposedly we started at 2 pm, but due to some problems we started around 3pm. The first song recorded on that day was Joget Pahang. We used the ‘big patitur’ coz we don’t have the note for Joget Pahang since we only have the medley of Joget Pahang. Around 5 pm, we were done with the song. After that we continue with the second song, Lambada. This song is quit ‘scary’ to be played. We were having difficulties on the ‘intro part’. Yeah, we can’t lie during the recording! But because of the supports from all members towards each other and Cikgu we finally managed to make it. Big hand of applause for all the members. Everyone were really hungry because of those songs. Then we took a break for dinner and Maghrib prayer. For the night slot, we recorded Terajana. One of the ‘favorite song’ of angklung members. Alhamdulillah, we made it.

Next day, on Sunday the last two ‘horror’ songs waited for us. We started on 12pm.We have the practice for love story song on Main Hall stage because we didn’t want to interrupt Cikgu who want to arrange new music for Love Story. The arrangement of new Love Story was a bit different from the training. As usual, recording was done line by line started around 2pm. After the recording was finished, we were all really ‘fall in love’ with the song. With the addition of other instrument, the song sounds good. Around 5.30pm we finished up with the song. Then we took a break for Asar prayer, dinner and Maghrib prayer. We continued the recording for the last song, Kopi Dangdut around 8pm. Everyone played angklung which has been assigned by the second Cikgu, ‘Cikgu Amy’. Around 10pm, finally all the hard work were paid of by the feeling of satisfaction for completing the recording. And now we know how hard it is to record a song and how ‘fake’ the artist can be. hehe……


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