Friday, August 4, 2006

a happy belated birthday!!!

To Farah and Azie, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU, GIRLS!! I know, it's a bit late, but hey! At least you were celebrated by all =) *feeling jeles a bit*
Anyway, they were celebrated just now, after our practice on Bengawan Solo, Jalur Gemilang plus Pandang2 Jeling2.
Especially for the song Pandang2 Jeling2, actually I was surprised!! We did it well.
Well here doesn't mean perfect, but it's a hard song, and I think we played good because we had enough people to play the angklungs tonight. So keep up your good work!! And to all Angklungians, keep on coming to practice, keep on playing, and keep on smiling. I understand our songs are a bit tough, especially for the juniors and me, but "HARDWORK CAN PASS GENIUSES!!"- quote from Rock Lee in Naruto ^_^ (want to know who's Rock Lee and why he said that, watch Narutola, ayoyo!)

And this is an announcement.
If you want to download the two songs (Edelwiess and Bengawan Solo), don't go to ITD Lab, Library Lab or your department Computer Lab. This is because some of the PCs there won't allow any downloads and if they do allow, it's going to take more than an hour!! So go to CC. It'll cost you a bit, but it already cost me as twice as yours, haha!!
It'll only take at least 20-30 minutes maximum. And if that's your final resort, and it still troubles you, then I'll send the file to you all. I already checked and tried it myself, and I got no problem.

I'm already feeling sleepy, so bye!! Good night! Oyasumi nasai!! Wa'an.
Ilal liqa' ma'assalamah.


waaa~ i thought i played well last night!!! tak sangka plak korang fikir aku camtu sekali~ hahah~ lawak sangat ke aku main~ well... i prefer standing at the front rather than atthe back coz tak nampak sangat la... plus, my angklung plays somekind a big role in each song... boleh? hahah~ berlagak nak mampus~

er... pls link the word Zaki in this post to my blog boleh? Kantoi daku jua ade blog :D

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