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fuuhhh... a long title.
Event: Closing Ceremony IIUM Musabaqah Competition
Date: 13 August 2006
Venue: CAC, IIUM
Playlists: Iktiraf, Ching Ai, Puji-Pujian

August 14th, 2006, IIUM- After more than a month IIUM Angklung Club team members did not perform any shows or festivals, at last yesterday they broke the Sunday morning's silence with Raihan's I'tiraf, Ching Ai and Puji-Pujian as they celebrated the Closing Ceremony of IIUM Musabaqah Competition at CAC hall.
The celebration started with the sweet voices of marhaban, salawat and prayers to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), then went on with the speeches of the VIPs. Not long after that, the team of 20 members entered the hall from behind. All eyes were on them as they walked on the isle. The nerve continued when they had to stand on the stage which was located at the very front of the VIPs.
After the introduction, we, conducted by Wahida started off with I'tiraf (which was clumsily opened by Fairuz's keyboard instead of angklung) before Ching Ai and finally Puji-Pujian. Hmm, a bit too nervous eh? Nothing much to say, since the performance was good apart from the mistakes and lack of smiles and movements, like this guy,myadlan said in his blog,

"Overall, I've spectated angklung performance few times and what can they do in order to improve? I think besides shaking the angklung, they can have some body gestures. Dance to the tune. I bet its gonna be better because performer = artist = should know how to express their feelings. Either angklung or any other music band, the same rules apply!"

Thanks for your comment! and the others who commented us after the performances..We really appreciate that.

Yeah, we actually planned for some singing and formations but it is a last minute change that we cannot do so because of the stage (too small for us). Improvement in progress.. and it's all depends on each of the IAC members to try harder for better performance next time..no..next week! yeah..three more to go.

And a special appreciation also goes to the new members of Angklung team. Yesterday was their first performance, and they played well! Thank you for all your efforts and commitments despite of the difficulties on place and practice time.
Also not to forget, the seniors. Even though there was no super-senior involved but they managed it!! Congratulations!!
Of course, people make mistakes. After this, hope they will do much better than this show. And as for me, thank you so much to all of you. You guys made me laugh so much, haha!!

Anyway, 'no rain, can't get the rainbow', right?

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angklungblog crew

p/s: For those who got any photos and want to submit it here, you guys can do so by emailing us angklung_iium@yahoo.com or send it to IAC's Friendster, http://www.friendster.com/profiles/angklungclub.


hohoho... Re played well kan? kan kan kan??? :D

Oic..tak perlu la wei.. RE tu mudah je dlm lagu nasyid tu.. just wait til you have to play it in Enjit-Enjit Semut..menangis punya! haha...

ahaha~ tak sabar nak belajar lagu baru~ but FYI i'll not be there this thurs coz i'll be back home... something to do there... see y'all next week ok~ send my precious salam to all members of the club... sista sista!!!

wish i'd been there to see it. you guys are really passionate when it comes to angklung. respect.
um, grooving, moving angklung players, equipped with formations? now THAT i gotta see.

keep up the good work, and keep shaking them bamboos... hoo hoo!!

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