Monday, July 31, 2006

Picture Perfect!!

Perfecto!! as what I expected, Wawachan already posted yesterday's event here.. It was fun and I just love yesterday's family day. Eventhough less than twenty angklungians attended it, but I saluted those who came and went back all wet after the Eplorace. Well, I was one of the committee (Prep and Tech) and I guess I'm still tired of going out the day before that I did not join any games but to be the committe who handle the games. The photos during Family day will be posted here soon..

Anyway, for this time, let's take a look at our potos during the Humanitarian Week performances taken by our friend, Myra. Thanks to her! Go check it our here..!! oppss..the image is kinda big, so be patient while it uploads.. hehe.. TTYL!



salam, ppl.

humanitarian was a superb we still have a long way to go. as abg najib puts it, perjuangan kita masih jauh, masih bnyk yg belum tercapai.

so, congrats to all yg terlibat!!!hope to c u guys perform dat gud or better lg nxt time. n also congrats on keeping this blog alive, especially to the webmasters(dats wut ppl who manage da page are called rite??!!)... lantaklah.

pa pe pun, keep up da gud work and don't forget, ENJOY URSELF WHILE UR AT IT!!!

wahida, webmaster for boys.
for girl it's webmistress =)
Anyway, thanks for the comment.
Bile nak dpt Ta'arufnye gambo?? ^_^

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