Monday, July 3, 2006

angklung vid

This is one hell of a video. Despite the fact that the video isn't that good in quality, but at least you can hear the sound they made. Like what Wahida said, 'IKUT BEAT!!!' (heheh, jgn mare...)
I got this at Sorry, but you guys cannot download this vid. So, gotta learn from the playas, ya??! And if you find this vid keeps on buffering, just pause it for a moment until the vault under the vid turns full grey. Then it'll be fine.
Or if you really couldn't watch the vid, I think you have to go to and click INSTALL NOW.
It's so easy.
And of course, you have to have your headphone or pc speaker or else you won't hear them. So, enjoy!!

wawachan: I got soooo jealous because they could go to Japan and perform in front of the Japs. I don't know if we could do the same in the future T_T

*Sekai ni hitotsu Dake no hana= The only flower in this world;
it's literal meaning, if I'm not mistaken =)


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