Sunday, July 23, 2006

report: ONE HACK OF A DAY.

July 21st, IIUM- Two performances in one day; can you believe it??
It never been occured for IIUM Angklung team before, but yes, it happened just yesterday!
The first one, for the Opening Ceremony for KAED Festival (if I'm not mistaken T_T )at around 3 p.m. Our group played Joget Pahang, Enjit-Enjit Semut and I'tiraf. This ceremony was not an ordinary one, for there were also students from other universities, such as USM and UTM. We were not informed about what the festival is all about (guess I have to ask Suhaily after this), though we were told that we have to make our performance as 'melayu' as possible. So with kain batik for girls and some make-up 'ala-ala Philipines' for guys we were there at the stage, giving our full commitment and, wallah!! A good round of applause for our Angklung team as the end of the ceremony.
But the fun had not finished just yet.
At night, for the closing ceremony of Humanitarian Week we had to play 8 songs!! Another thing that never happened before. Placed at the riverside, we played a medley When The Saint Go Marching and You Are My Sunshine, then Getaran Jiwa followed by Bungong Joempo, Edelwiess, Ada Apa Denganmu, Joget Pahang, Enjit-Enjit Semut and lastly, I'tiraf. Since the performance was at an open place, so the crowds whom are our own friends did shout a few names of us. Even our former president, Abang Pidut were also there to give some support.
However, there were some comments from our viewers about our show last night. Some did not get the last song, I'tiraf although it is a popular song. Then, some said we are lack of communication with the audience and we did not smile. But they love our Ada Apa Denganmu.
And just for information, that night was the last night we played Ada Apa Denganmu, and after this no more performing this 'love' song. Which is sad, because despite the fact that it is a really tough one, but it attracts the people's attention (well, since it is also a popular song) and that is what the team wants!
And say thanks to WAHIDA, SARAH and of course, ABANG NAJIB for your willingness to at least say something in front of the crowd.
Well, yesterday is one hack of a day. It was a long, fine day. Two more performances to come next months, and whether we are going to kick some butt or not, it depends on our perservance and unity after this.
Plus, for the freshies, Welcome to IIUM Angklung Club! Hope you guys will enjoy each other's company and try not to be afraid of making mistakes for by doing one will then teach you how to perform much more better. And the most important thing; have fun!!!

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angklungblog crew.


p/s: I bet everyone love that 'PANAS PANAS' song!! Couldn't stop laughing about it!


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