Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angklung Busking Day


From IIUM - KL Central - Central Market - IIUM

7.50 am
The subcommittees of Prep&Tech start to make final checklist for angklung while the subcoms of Special Tasks make final checklist for stands and partitur. After that, the members brought down their angklung+stands+partitur to the back door of CAC to load in the cars. Total up, we brought 102 of angklung, 8 music stands and 8 sets of partitur. After that, we had our breakfast and waiting for the cars to arrive.

8.40 am
Around this time, we start to walk from CAC to the first bus stop. Our target is to filled up the seats in the bus so that we can stay in a group.We have to wait around 10-15 mins before the Rapid KL bus to arrive. All of us were managed to get in the same bus.. ^^ Altogether there are 19 of us that ride the bus [including 2 percussionists] while the rest went to KL Central by car. After that we arrived at Putra@Gombak Station and caught the LRT to the KL Central.


9.30 am
Later then, we arrived at KL Central and start to set up the things and get ready for the first time ever busking program. We started to find our angklung and untie them.. At this time, Bapak has also arrived. The location of our busking is at the 2nd floor of KL Central which is in front of the main entrance. The people around started to show interest when we begun to place the music stands one by one. All of us were very nervous but still trying to act cool.hehe... ^^

10.30 am - 12.30 pm
We start to perform our first song which is Joget Pahang around 10.30 am. The first song is quite messed up.haha...due to the nervousness maybe? Then, we played the 2nd song~Rindu Bayangan by Jay Jay. [one of Fatin favourite songs and me too ^^] Followed by Besame Mucho ~ a Spanish song, Ada Apa Denganmu by Peterpan and Love Story. While we were performing, there are other four members under the committee of Prep&Tech and Special Task who were assigned to distribute the pamphlets about our club to the audience.

After we played Malam Bulan Dipagar Bintang by P.Ramlee & Saloma, we took a rest for about 15-20 mins. During this rest time, the audience were able to asked about our club, trying to play angklung and taking pictures with the angklung. There are also some audience who are interested to buy angklung and asked us how much of the cost. *For your information, angklung comes altogether in one set that consist of 62 angklung [if I'm not mistaken] including the bass and melody. And there are also a set of angklung that consist of the melody only. The cost for one set of angklung is about RM10 000 and above. It's very expensive isn't it? That's why we really take care of our angklung. ^^

After the rest, we continue playing the remaining songs which are Iktiraf by Raihan, Pandang-pandang Jeling-jeling by Dato' SM Salim & Siti Nurhaliza, Cindai by Siti Nurhaliza and our final song ~ Kopi Dangdut. We finished the performance around 11.25 am. Then, we gather our angklung and start to tie them again to move to other destination ~ Central Market. However due to the several circumstances, we were stucked at KL Central until 12.30 pm.


12.45 pm - 3.00 pm
We took LRT from KL Central to Central Market and it just took 5-10 mins to arrive there. Even though the players has arrived, but the cars that brought our angklung and percussion's stuff were stuck in the traffic jam. So, we have to wait for them for about 20 mins. When we got a text that the cars has arrived, we went to the Central Market's car park to unload the angklung and other stuff. We start to set up the place for the performance and placed our music stands there. After that, all of us took some time to perform our Zuhr Prayer and had our lunch.

3.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Here, we were provided with the PA system. Plus, before we begin our performance, we were introduced to the audience to attract more people and as a result, people start to circulating us. We start to perform Joget Pahang, followed by Rindu Bayangan, Besame Mucho, and other songs like what we have performed at KL Central this morning. After each of the songs finished, we get a tremendous applause from the audience. 

As at the KL Central, four of us were assigned to distribute the phamplets to the audience.. The audience give good feedback and are enjoyed with our performance especially the tourists from outside of Malaysia. They show a lot of interest about angklung & percussion and tried to play the instruments. We finished our performance around 3.38 pm. After giving some time to the audience to ask, taking pictures and tried to play the angklung, we begin to clean up our stuff and tie the angklung. 

4.30 pm -6.00 pm
At 4.30 pm, all of us had already in the Metro Bus to go back to IIUM. This bus will go straight into the campus, so we don't need to change our transport anymore.. All of us were very tired yet still happy and proud with ourselves because we have completed one of our programs.^^  The Metro Bus took about one hour to reach our campus. We stopped at the second bus stop because we have to continue our busking program with the post-mortem session at our training room. Before we proceed with the post-mortem session, we took some time to perform our Asr prayer at CAC's musolla.

6.01 pm - 7.30 pm
Promptly at 6.01 pm, we begin our post-mortem session...At this session, everyone must talked and spoke out everything that they felt not right during this busking program so that the members can improve in organizing other programs. This post-mortem session ended right after the azan for Maghrib prayer ends. Thus, that's the end of our Busking Program on 6 of March 2011. This day will be one of our memorable day in life... ^^

* the angklung members wants to say thank you to Bapak [our trainer], to our super senior Kak Nana & Abg Syam and not to forget, to the 4 percussionist from IIUM Percussion Club [Bad, Hafiz, Nazirul & Anas] because they agreed to accompanied our busking team today.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support... ^^


good job..finally blog ni terisi gak ngan program korang...not hope pasni trus kan update blog not only senior2 angklung but also sesaper jer yg msk dlm ni...

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