Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angklung Busking Day [Report]

Date ~ 6 March 2011

Venue ~ KL Central & Central Market

Assalamualaikum.Hello guys..sorry for the late updates.

Last Sunday on 6 of March our club had a busking program at KL Central and Central Market. It was one of our club activities under TDEV bureau. Alhamdulillah the busking program was ran as planned, plus all the members who joined the busking day were enjoyed and really have fun together...^^

There were 24 members + 4 percussionists from IIUM Percussion Club that joined the busking program. We played 11 songs in both KL Central and CM; and the songs are :

  1. Joget Pahang
  2. Rindu Bayangan
  3. Besame Mucho [Spanish Songs]
  4. Ada Apa Denganmu
  5. Love Story
  6. You Are My Sunshine
  7. Malam Bulan DiPagar Bintang
  8. Iktiraf
  9. Pandang-pandang Jeling-jeling
  10. Cindai
  11. Kopi Dangdut

Despite the hot weather on that day, the show was conducted by our beloved instructor himself, Bapak Dadang Mochamad Soleh. Thank you, Bapak. ^^

This busking program was a success
and it has reached the objective of the program which is to bring our club well known to the public. Plus, the performance got a very good feedback from the audience. The audience are clapping loudly after each song we played finish and taking videos and pictures during the performance. There were also some audience that asked how to invite us perform for their functions..^^


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