Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ahlan Wa Sahlan 2015 & #CiTRAOpenDay 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hello to all wonderful readers. May this entry finds you in good health and may Allah shower His Blessings upon all of us. Today, we have a really good news as we're very happy to inform all of you that IIUM Angklung Club and all other clubs under CiTRA will be collaborating for an annual event known as CiTRA Open Day.

Centre for International Islamic Culture (CiTRA) was established recently in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) aims to promote the beauty of local and international culture imbued with Islamic elements that make it different from other cultural organization that available in other universities.
Hence, CiTRA will organize the "CiTRA Open Day" on 10th - 11th February 2015 in Tuesday - Wednesday, at Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) IIUM.
This event aims to focus more on cultural exhibition and performances from every CiTRAs clubs in accordance with Shariah as to promote culture appreciation among IIUM Community as well as to give exposure to the students and giving them opportunity to learn from experienced.

Among the major events that will be held are as follows:

1) Exhibition booth & Busking Performances
Date: 10th-11th Feb 2015
Day: Tues-Wed
Time: 10am-6pm
Venue: Foyer 1, CAC

2) Malam Santai Budaya CiTRA (Cultural Night)
Date: 11th Feb 2015 (Wed)
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Venue: Main Hall CAC


^^ All the details above is taken and credited to @citraopenday 's instagram :)

So don't miss the chance to come & feel the excitement with us !! Feel free to search for the hashtag #CiTRAOpenDay on Twitter & Instagram for more info. For more daily update on iiumangklungclub you may also find us on twitter @iiumangklung )instagram @iiumangklungclub )  & facebook ( IIUM Angklung Club ) 

p/s: InshaAllah there will be more update from us on this blog in the future ! :D till then, see you in the next entry ! Have a nice day :)


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