Sunday, October 7, 2012

Angklung's Induction Day 2012

Assalamualaikum dears, Hai!

Its been a week now, sorry for the late update about our Induction Day, huhu okay now, fyi, Angklung’s hold an interview for new memberships on 24th September 2012 and just last week on Saturday 30th September 2012, we did an Induction Day for juniors! The main objective is OF COURSE to get to know each other, yeah well, were going to be a one big family from now on. So its a MUST!

We start the day at 7.00 am by registration of all participants at cafe’s of Kuliyyah Economics. Within an hour, the participants registered and have their breakfast. By 8.00 am, we start the event with Doa’ recitation by bro Nidhal, and followed by Aerobic Session with bro Syahmi and bro Bakhtiar.

Haha, yeah! I can see it, everyone having fun! (including our committees)

Then, by 8.30 am the participants had an ice breaking event, which they played games such as ‘Bom’.

Next, Group Binding session, which the participants are given their groups and start to make a group’s name, their leaders, their cheers and etc.
Yeah, on Telematch, they participants gets to play ‘Radio Rosak’, ‘7 Botol’ , ‘Belalai Gajah’ and ‘Sign Nama’. 

Later, on 11.15 am, we rest for a while for ‘minum pagi’. After about half an hour, we start again by introducing main boards of Angklung to our juniors, and also talk a bit about Angklung, its origin, how to play it: Hoping our juniors, would listen it well and can practice greatly in  the future. :)

For 12.50 pm – 2.30 pm, we rest a bit, eating lunch, and did our Zohor prayer. Then by 2.30 pm, the main event of Induction Day, Explorace, its about to start. We did briefing for about 15 minutes. Good Luck!

Meanwhile, Catering’s committess start to make BBQ’s. Yummy!

The explorace end, and the participants yet again, given job to make a cultural event that night, hehe were sorry for you alls but yet its your day guys!  Cultural Night! We start at 8.30 pm at the same place, having dinner while watching nasyeed, pantun, and also acting.

By the end of the Cultural Night, we’ve given prize to our winners. Congrats winners, Team kuih Apam! Haha 

With that, Alhamdulillah, our Induction Day, end by 10.00 pm, Thank you to all the people’s involved, committees, participants, and not to forget, our beloved super seniors, who came on that day to support. 

Also Thank You for reading!


hi Angklungians..
the site looks nice, but I hope you can keep the site looking professional by using proper English in your update so that when company or organization who wants to invite you guys for performance visits this site, they will be impressed. I'm sure there are many English majored students in the group who can help you with proofreading.

just a thought....

all the best!

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