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Last Saturday, we held an Induction Day for the new members.
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The program started at 7.15 am with the registration at the Convest Hill. After breakfast, all members did some aerobics and warming up. Then, after a 5 minutes break we proceed to next activity which is “ice breaking”. Next, we played some games. We were divided into three groups which is a mix of the new and old members. The groups are named “Malu-Malu”, “Action Beep” and “Keliwon”.The first game called “Setiaku Korbankan” is won by “Malu-Malu” ,the second game called “Straw dan Getah” won by “Action Beep” , the third game called “Semakin Jauh Semakin Sayang” won by “Malu-Malu” and the last game called “Spider Web” won by “Keliwon” . Then we proceed to the slot "Sharing Moment". For this slot we opened the session to the new members to voice out anthing they want to say about the club and other members and also to share their experiences. At 12.00 pm we had lunch and break.
We started our program again at 2.15 pm. All committees were ready at their check-point for the ExploreRace game. There are five check points; at Nusaibah stairs, Clinic, Basketball Court, The Lake and HS Square. We finished the race and the Induction Day at around 5.00 pm.

Afterwards, the old members had a short training at training room to prepare for the rehearsal at Zoo Negara the next day. At 7.00 pm, we started our preparation for the BBQ night. While waiting the meal, the participants had to perform their tasks that have been given earlier in the afternoon. The BBQ night ended with the prize giving ceremony and taking pictures.
We finished at around 11.00 pm and then proceed with the training for rehearsal at Zoo Negara. We went back to our room at around 1.00 am.
Here I would like to say thank you for the new members gave contribution for the Induction day. Hopefully all of you enjoy all the activities we planned for the day. For senior members, though all of you felt so tired, congratz on your excellent commitment to prepare for two programs (Induction Day & Zoo Negara) in a short of time. All of you have done a good job! Lets fight together! Ya!(trade mark kak aton)….
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