Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Date: 9 August 2008
Day: Saturday
By: Pa’eja desu
Play-lists: Enjit-Enjit Semut, Besame Mucho, Lambada, Rindu Bayangan, Getaran Jiwa,
Ketipang Payung, Tanah Pusaka.

On August 9th 2008, IIUM Angklung Group performed for AIKOL Cultural Night which is the closing event for AIKOL Fest. As early as 7.45 pm, 30 members of Angklung Group gathered at KAED Auditorium and were prepared with their musical instruments as to give the best performance to the audience. The members were also excited and eager to perform for the event as there will be a performance by a very special guest.
While waiting for the VIPs, IAG presented 3 songs to the waiting audience, Enjit-Enjit Semut, Lambada and Besame Mucho. Though the performance was short, the members received a thunderous applause and cheers from the audience which consist of students from other universities.
The event began at around 8.30 pm with a speech from ????? of AIKOL. Among other performances was a play presented by Theatre Club, Marhaban recitation and special performance by a former rock star, Ramli Sarip. His poetic yet energetic performance created a tremendous and memorable event to the audience. Even though the members of IAG were a bit disappointed as they were asked to leave the hall early to be in position for the next performance, however, they were able to capture the memorable performance presented by Ramli Sarip.
The songs played by the members were Rindu Bayangan, Getaran Jiwa, Ketipang Payung and Tanah Pusaka. The IAG’s performance was accompanied by the IIUM Percussion Group and the rhythmic contra bass played by a member of IAG, thus perfecting the performance. The performance which was reasonably a success was a result of a week of tough training and pleasurable torture from Sis Fairuz and the IAG Mainboard. It was also a result of serious guidance from Pak Dadang.
In brief, it is hoped that the members continue to give commitment and support towards the club and keep on improving for the better. Thank you.

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