Monday, February 25, 2008

Performance on Student Grand Cocuricullum Award '07

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket DATE: 23/02/2008
PLAYLISTS: We Are The Champion, Bujang Lapok, Joget Pahang and I'tiraf

Last night IIUM Angklung Club performed several songs for the Student Grand Cocuricullum Award '07, with the collaboration of Gamelan, Caklempong and Percussion groups.
Conducted by Bapak Dadang for the team's solo performance on We Are the Champion, many commented that that performance was quite messy, yet it was a bold risk for the team to try and did their best for the song.
However, the team's collaboration with other musical groups gained back the confidence in the team and thus, with our own Siti Fairuz Kawid as the conducter of the ending performance, each played well and the audience gave positive feedbacks on the show.
Overall, the show was not the critical point for IAG that night.
It was the Cultural Award that IIUM Angklung Group received on that night that made the night so memorable for the team.
Yes, IIUM ANGKLUNG GROUP has won the category of Cutural Awards on the Student Grand Cocuricullum Award 2007!
Other participants for the same category are Zapin Group and Gamelan Group, which are both strong in each achievements.
Nevertheless, the success is hoped will not end here. We hope that the team's achivement will continue to succeed and the team member will continue to give their full commitment and effort, Insya Allah.
All in all, to everyone in IIUM Angklung Team, Congratulation to all.


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