Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Community Service at Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah

Date: 13th May 2007, Sunday
Venue: Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah, Cheras
Time: +8.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m
Playlists: Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia, Rasa Sayang, medleys

13th May 2007, Sunday - Alongside with Caring Club, IIUM Angklung Club, together hand in hand joined a Community Service program at Rumah Kanak-Kanak Tengku Budriah, Cheras.
In this program, IAC team not only had to play songs to the children, but also helped the committees playing along with them. Divided into 3 groups; babies, toddlers and primary, many were not sure what to do at first. However, after some help from Caring Club commitees, they got along and starting to understand that the children are not the same as those outside the house.
It started at +9.00 a.m, the three groups went to each places and observed the children and babies, played along and helped them with their studies and education. The primaries, aged 7 until 12, played games on mathematics, with the commitees being their teachers.
IAC team performed for the enthusiastic children at +4.00 p.m. Playing songs like Enjit-Enjit Semut, Sejahtera Malaysia, Rasa Sayang and three medleys, the children did sing along. Our keyboardist, Fairuz also was requested to play some songs for them to sing, like Oh Ibu, Ya Rasulullah and Pencinta Wanita. Even though the team were threw down by some naughty audiences but they kept playing on the stage.
The program ended at 4.45 p.m, and after the children were given some small gifts everyone went back to IIUM. All in all, it was a good new experience, and it reminds us that we are so lucky to have such a beautiful family that love and care for us all the way.


huha~ ada peraaan nak pegi lagi tapi rasanya bagi peluang kat orang lain gak kot...huhuhu....

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