Thursday, June 22, 2006

this is an 'unofficial' post---?

Assalamu'alaikum, y'all!! For your infomation, Fairuz is still creating this blog's new skin. And I am responsible to fill this blog with informations and -uhh, fun, I guess.
Nothing much for now as we're still in our semester break, but we are going to start our practice for Ta'aruf Week this 30th of June. If I'm not mistaken, there will be 21 members of our IIUM ANGKLUNG TEAM (including me, of course) who will be performing. What song are we gonna play?? Hmm... Guess I'll ask Wahida for that information.
But for you guys, I have a simple request. Could you please tell your friends about this blog? You know, maybe they will be interested with our Angklung team and maybe would probably ask us to perform somewhere. Who knows??! Hahaha...
My email: OR
(ala Fairuz, I dunno your email la, sorry, sorry!!)

Just got message from Wahida, and the songs we're gonna play are;
-Ada Apa Denganmu
-Sejahtera Malaysia
-You Are My Sunshine
-When The Saints Go Marching
-Madu Dan Racun
-Do Re Mi
-Can Mali Can
-Bungong Jeumpa and finally....
-Enjit- Enjit Semut

My favourites?? Hmmm... gotta be When the Saints Go Marching,Enjit2 Semut and Bungong Jeumpa.
My dislikes?? Nah, none of them. I'm a very loyal member of IIUM ANGKLUNG CLUB =)

Well, guess this is it for now. If I get some new informations from Angklung Team (and gotta ask Fairuz for her email) I 'll post it here, ok??!
To you guys, enjoy your holidays and hope to see you guys soon, ya!
Let's Rock 'n Roll with Angklung!!!

Ja, mata!!

p/s: I dunno if Fairuz is going to kill me for this very 'unofficial' post T_T


Geez..if i kill you then who will do the update here?? hahaha... see you 30th June!

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