Thursday, August 8, 2013

Iftar IIUM Angklung Club


Alhamdulillah, our mainboard has successfully organised an iftar for Angklung Club members on 24th July 2013. It is a joyful iftar for everybody as we managed to break the fast and perform tarawih together. It really help to strengthen our ukhuwah. After performing tarawih, there's an appreciation session for the seniors who will be graduated this short semester. After that, we do recording for "Selamat Hari Raya" song. So, let's enjoy some pictures (credit to: Bro Dzul Asyraff Firdhaus) and the awesome video edited by Bro Syahmi.

To all lovely readers, we would like to wish Eid Mubarak. May this Eid, In Shaa Allah be a source of immense blessing along with joy and happiness for all of us. Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum. Kullu'am wa antum bikhair. Last but not least, Congratulations to our mainboard for this memorable event. 


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