Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mass Gathering Semester 3, 2012/2013


Today is already the end of June for 2013. Alhamdulillah short semester has already started one week ago. On  24th June 2013, Angklung Club held a mass gathering. There is only less than 20 members who attend the gathering. This might because of other members still not coming back to IIUM since Monday is holiday for IIUM students due to serious haze.

Our lovely president, Kak Bi has explained about the plan for short semester. She has decided to have only two times of weekly training which are on 25th June and 2nd July. There will be no training during Ramadhan but just an iftar for Angklung Club members. So, that's all for this semester's mass gathering. Hope that all the members can focus on this semester as this semester only have 6 weeks instead of 7 weeks for normal short semester. All the best everyone!

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