Saturday, February 11, 2012

IRKHS Appreciation Dinner 10/11


Angklung Club was invited to do a performance for IRKHS’s Appreciation Dinner 10/11 that was held in CAC main hall on last 9th February 2012. They are 19 members of angklung club performed that night accompanied by 4 percussionists. This team was the same team members that performed on the the last ta'aruf show. We brought 9 songs total throughout the dinner, 1 song during an opening performance which is Rasa Sayang and the other 8 songs during the dinner are Iktiraf, Rindu Bayangan, Love Story, Cindai, Bujang Lapok, Joget Pahang, Bungong Jeumpa and Ada Apa Denganmu.  

Alhamdulillah, they were able to deliberate a great performance on that night. The performance was firstly conducted by our beloved senior sis Najihah Mohd Tahir for the opening ceremony and then our trainer; Bapak Dadang entirely during the dinner. Thanks Kak Jiha and Bapak! And not to forget our dedicated PIC, sis Istiqomah Sajadi.

Smile... ^^


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