Monday, January 7, 2008

IAG Barbeque Party 2008

PhotobucketDATE: 6/1/2008

With the theme colour,blue, the IIUM Angklung Group celebrated the very first time Barbeque Party yesterday, 5 January 2008. With the objective of strengthening the bond between the team new and old members, the small event took place at Riverside, Cultural Activity Centre, IIUM. With our own special guest,BapakDadang and family, Cikgu Ku Zahir and Norliza Che Hassan, that evening was enjoyable with its very own way. Even though the weather did not allow much to happen, except for the brief present-giving ceremony among the members, the evening was conducted very well, thanks to our own President who made sure for the barbeque party run smoothly and to the members who came early and willing to help.
And all in all, thank you for those who came. It is hoped that that evening will meet its objective; to bind everyone in IIUM Angklung Group as one, Insya Allah.

"One for all, all for one."

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BBQ yang best coz dapat makan kaki ayam ngan byk skali....

hah!akhirnya aku jumpa gak angklung pny blog!
>bbq mmg best,dpt makan byk kerang..
>sadly.tengahnye hjn sampai ending..

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