Thursday, November 23, 2006


Date: 17 November 2006, Friday
Venue: HS LR 16
Time: 10.30 a.m

An annual general meeting of IAC was held at the Kuliyyah of Human Science last Friday. The rationale of this meeting for IAC members is to elect those who are apt to hold the responsibilities and to ensure the development of this cultural club. Although not all who had came, but the gathering was running smoothly, starting from a special speech from the guest of the event, Kak Maswa, IAC financial report, previous AGM report and the climax of the meeting, the election for Mainboard and Bureau recruits.
However, on that day the members did not have much time to elect for Bureau committees for they were all need to end the session before Jumaat prayer, thus those who had been chosen to be the Mainboard members had to do the job to select who should bear the responsibilities.
And here are the results of the Annual General Meeting;

President: Satdiyatun Adib Rahim
Ass. President: Mohd. Shukri Shaidan
Secretary: Raja Nurwahida Adleen Raja Munir Shah
Treasurer: Siti Sarah Sulaiman
Internal Auditor: Ratna Sari Zamri
Nawal Mohd. Marop

And these are those who had been chosen by the members of IAC Mainboard for Bureau committees;

Bureau of Technical and Maintenance: Fiza
Bureau of Training and Development: Siti Fairuz Kawid
Bureau of Costume and Coordination: Nadia
Bureau of Promotion and Archive: Nurul Azwa Haris

Last but not least, the new Assistant Director of Cultural and Arts Unit S-Dev, IIUM, Sis. Norliza Check Hassan gave a speech to the members before the meeting ended. It is hoped that these new committees of IAC will continue to bring this club to a higher level together with other members and if possible, to be one of the best cultural clubs in IIUM apart from Gamelan and Caklempong. Not forgetting those who had come to the meeting, thank you so much for your participation.


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